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Gaming is in the hearts of every human being, as it is the most entertaining part in your life. Either one play games in mobiles, consoles, or high end pc’s, graphics is the main consideration. Playing games with better graphics gives the feeling of reality.

Gaming is becoming more realistic every next day, so the gamers are demanding high end graphic cards to touch the peak of realism in games.

Today we will have an over review on the best graphic cards that can make your gaming experience beyond your imagination.

Here is the list of the latest gaming graphic cards.


ASUS ROG STRIX GAMING GEFORCE RTX-2080 (Overclocked Edition)
EVGA XC GAMING GEFORCE RTX-2080 (Overclocked Edition)
Graphics ProcessorNvidia Geforce RTX 2080Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080
Graphics Ram8 GB8 GB8 GB8 GB
Graphic Card InterfacePCI-EPCI-EPCI-EPCI-E
Hardware ConnectivityPCIE x 8 (3.0)PCIE x 8 (3.0)PCIE x 16 (3.0)PCIE x 16 (3.0)
Memory Bus Width256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit
Item Size (inches)16 x 9.2 x 3.5 in4.5 x 10.6 x 1.57 in12.79 x 5.51 x 1.89 in12.13 x 2.24 x 4.45 in
Output Ports

2xDisplay ports


1xUSB Type C

3xDisplay ports


1xUSB Type C

3xDisplay ports


1xUSB Type C

3xDisplay ports


1xUSB Type C

Price ($)$822.00$779.99$842.90$839.99

1- ASUS ROG STRIX GAMING GEFORCE RTX-2080 (Overclocked Edition)

The ASUS ROG has added all the latest features in its gaming graphics card named STRIX GAMING Geforce RTX 2080 (OC). It comprises of three fans for great cooling which is known as “axial tech fans”, overclocked edition comes right from the factory, which enables the user to take its performance to the next level.

In OC Mode, the card boosts a base clock to 1,545MHz and boost clock to 1,890MHz, which makes it one of the higher clocked cards in this era.

The design of ROG Strix RTX 2080 is much similar to the older graphic cards like GTX 1080 etc. The main difference is its bigger size, more power, great cooling. Note that this GeForce RTX 2080 from ASUS is a 2.7-slot card, which means you’ll need to leave a three-slot allowance for it on your motherboard and chassis.

The card has a metal brace at the side to further reinforce the PCB and prevent bending, which makes it more reliable. The thick heatsink array connects to a base plate that has a great contact with a GPU surface due to using what ASUS calls Max Contact Technology. That means that the contact area is really smooth, which increases the surface area in contact with the GPU and improves heat dissipation.

The RGB LEDs are limited to slits along the cooling shroud and the ROG logo on the back plate and side.

Also, ASUS has installed new fans on the card. It now features so-called “axial-tech” fans which are IP5X dust resistant and sealed to protect the innards from particle ingress. These fans also have a smaller fan hub to allow for longer blades and a barrier ring that increases structural integrity and downward air pressure so air can be pulled over the thick heat sink more effectively.

This time ASUS remains much quieter than ever before. There’s a small BIOS switch on board that lets you tie between Performance and Quiet modes. It comes in Performance mode by default, where the fans will always remain active, but switching to Quiet mode kicks the fans into a semi-passive mode so they’ll stop spinning if GPU temperatures fall below 55°C.

2- EVGA XC GAMING GEFORCE RTX-2080 (Overclocked Edition)


EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics Card takes you to the next generation graphics performance. It has ice cold cooling with EVGA iCX2, this new cooling solution offers improved cooling, lower noise levels, real time wattage monitoring and 9 additional thermal sensors for ‘Peace of Mind’.

User can now customize the performance by using the new overclocking features with the all new EVGA Precision X1 software.

With the all new features, more customization options and new layouts, the new EVGA Precision X1 software is easier to use and faster than ever before.

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards provides a wide range to keep your system cool. Offering a variety of fan choices, heatsink sizes, and cooling technologies, you can select the card that fits your system perfectly.

Do you need more space? Don’t need to worry because EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 comes with 2 Slot Card which gives you more space without sacrificing cooler performance. To make up for the smaller heatsink size, the EVGA GeForce RTX 2 Slot cards use a smaller fan hub to increase the blade size, which increases airflow and remains quiet.

There are two models launched by EVGA, allowing all the users to access the latest gaming world.

a. EVGA XC GAMING GEFORCE RTX-2080 (OC) is a 2 slot card acquiring only 2 slots
b. EVGA XC ULTRA GAMING GEFORCE RTX-2080 (OC) is a 2.75 slot card acquiring 3 slots in a pc board.

EVGA XC ULTRA GAMING RTX-2080 is a 2.75 slot card that is bigger in size and it confirms that it would require a space for 3 slots, but beside its brick size it is has no boundaries in the case of performance and cooling, and a one can experience the gaming at peak.

EVGA RTX 2080 cards features customizable trim options in black, white, and red to match your PC’s theme. And this all is a one click away from you.

Unfortunately this card cannot make your gaming setup an attraction for others, as it does not have any kind of RGB lighting.



The GeForce RTX 2080 GAMING X TRIO is the return of the Beast in the gamer’s community. Along with it’s breath-taking performance the MSI’s  GAMING X TRIO comes with a mix of black and gunmetal grey with aggressive and sharp edges and a classy brushed metal back plate that matches the front. MSI GAMING X TRIO is not behind this time, it comes with the gorgeous RGB effects found on the front and the side of the card, which can be controlled using MSI’s Mystic Light software and made to synchronize with other RGB components, Thus making this card an all in one package ‘BEAST’ for the true gamers.

MSI’s standard for outclass cooling performance is well known and continued by the new TRI-FROZR cooler. Three fans on a huge heatsink ensures cooler & quieter experience for you, and finally increasing your gaming performance to an extreme level. Unlike the ASUS ROG STRIX, MSI has also introduced the ‘Zero Frozr’ Technology in which the fans are automatically controlled by the temperature sensors that allow the fans to stop when the temperatures are comparatively low, hence reducing the noise. With the latest ‘Torx fan 3.0’ technology of the iconic MSI TORX fan pushes the limits of thermal performance to the next level. The MSI’s New Dispersion Fan Blades has a special curved blade which accelerates the airflow, increasing its effectiveness.

Now let’s talk about the component that plays a main role in performance of the card which is the heatsink and the air fins. Wave-curved fins allow the airflow to pass more smoothly, resulting in less noise.Airflow Control Technology force the airflow directly onto the heat pipes, while simultaneously creating more surface area for the air to absorb more heat before leaving the heatsink.

Get the most out of your MSI graphics card in terms of performance and experience, almost unlimited customization options with the included software. The two software namely ‘MYSTIC LIGHT’ and ‘AFTER BURNER’ comes right out of the box.‘MYSTIC LIGHT’ allows the user to control and match the lighting of your graphics card with your gaming setup, providing the users an unlimited options for color combinations. Whereas the ‘AFTER BURNER’ plays a remarkable role in the performance of the graphics card. Now the user can adjust all the on-board settings from this software to get beyond the boundaries of MSI GAMING X TRIO RTX-2080. ‘AFTER BURNER’ features the ‘OC SCANNER’ technology which benchmarks the highest stable overclock settings.

Despite of these outclass features of an extreme gaming this card is also a VR ready card. MSI brings gamers an extremely realistic VR experience where games come alive.

4- ZOTAC GAMING AMP Edition RTX-2080


Finally the review of ZOTAC GAMING AMP EDITION RTX-2080 is here. Unlike others this time ZOTAC also has not left behind the new technologies and overclocked features. We are reviewing the AMP Edition factory based in which the card has been tested to its boundaries and been set it’s highest performance by default.

Company also produce the AMP EXTREME Edition and AMP MAXX Edition, in which the user has the options to overclock according to his/her needs.

This time ZOTAC has produced the strongest graphic card in the history, by adding a metal layer beneath the board which prevents it from breaking.

Nothing makes your gaming setup more colorful and attractive until and unless it has the RGB lighting. Alongside its peak touching performance, this time ZOTAC has added a tremendous RGB lightings naming it a ‘SPECTRA’ in RTX-2080 GAMING AMP Edition which adds more color to your gaming world.

And these all features are controlled by the ZOTAC’s new firmware called “FIRESTORM” which has a simple and user-friendly interface which does not requires a gamer to be master in GPU hardware. Everything is just a click away. Unlike MSI’s AFTER BURNER software, ‘FIRESTORM’ also offers ‘OC SCANNER’ technology which scans all the errors and results the best output graphics according to the gamer needs. With the new ‘Active Fan Control’ technology, all the fans on the graphics card does not rotate at regular intervals as the other ordinary fans do. ZOTAC has finally made it possible in the gaming community that now each fan is independent to the other and will work only when the specific area under that fan will heat up. Means if one fan is rotating at a ratio of 32% than the other would not be dependent on the 1st one while it may rotate at a ratio of 88%. ZOTAC takes the lead in this latest technology of controlling the fans independently. This new ‘Active Fan Control’ technology is much far better than the others as it reduces too much noise even while playing the games and keeps the card cool all the time, hence increasing ZOTAC’s RTX-2080 performance to an extreme level. In my opinion ZOTAC’s RTX-2080 AMP Edition is a much better choice for gamers to touch the peak of graphics ever produced along with a silent operations going under the hood of your PC. Once again the most unique feature is the ‘Active Fan Control’ technology which excites me a lot.

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