Now complete home theatre system is in your hands. What? Impossible!

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Now complete home theatre system is in your hands. What? Impossible! But latest technology has made it possible. Yes my friends, finally we are introduced to the new mini projectors that can easily fit in your pockets. Now you don’t need to carry a large projector with its huge power bricks.

Portable mini projectors are very useful, as you can watch your favorite videos anytime anywhere without demanding a bigger screen and home theatre environment. Portable mini projector provides you a bigger screen of around 100 inches, depending on the manufacturer, which enables you to do your office work easily.

So now don’t use smaller screens of your smartphones or laptops, and directly connect them to the portable mini projector to perform your everyday tasks comfortably on a larger display. If we talk about the prices of portable projectors, the prices varies from $50 to $300, depending on the manufacturer and features of projector.

So friends are you willing to purchase a new portable projector? Before purchasing, take a look on my article to get a clear idea of all the best portable mini projectors available in the market.

So scroll down right now!

Ivishow c800 Android 7.1 Mini Project
Hanbaili HD Portable Mini Projector
Salange DLP HD Pico Projector
GooDee LED Pico Projector
Connectivity USB, Bluetooth 4, Wireless, HDMI micro USB, USB, HDMI VGA cable, USB, Bluetooth 4.1, HDMI, Wireless USB, HDMI
Item Dimensions 6.22 x 3.15 x 0.71 in _____ 6.69 x 3.78 x 1.06 in 5.31 x 3.94 x 2.36 in
Item Weight 0.57 lb _____ 0.97 lb 0.59 lb
Price Approx. $239.99 $62.48 $269.98 $49.99

1- Ivishow c800 Android 7.1 Mini Project

Ivishow c800 Android 7.1 Mini Project

Ivishow c800 is a complete entertainment package for you. Its built-in Android 7.1 firmware allows you to directly interact with all the smartphone applications anywhere anytime. Its bigger and richer display makes your experience beyond your imagination.

Ivishow c800 is equipped with a latest DLP display technology that enables c800 to show a display with more vibrant colors and clearer image with a high contrast ratio of 2000:1. Automatic keystone correction technology enables you to watch your content at any angle comfortably without placing your projector on a straight horizontal surface. Ivishow c800 projector comes with a wider display range, which is 30 to 120 inches at 1 to 3 meters. So take your viewing experience to the next level with Ivishow c800.

It has a latest Android 7.1 version which enables you to perform your tasks quickly with an friendly user-interface and hence you can also upgrade to the latest version by getting online access. Its powerful Quad-core CPU and Octa-core GPU allows you to play your android games on a larger display anywhere anytime.

As Ivishow c800 completely supports 2.4G/ 5G Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy thousands of applications, games, music and your favorite TV shows without loading time. Its built-in Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to connect it to any Bluetooth speaker, headphones, and gamepads easily and comfortably to achieve an amazing experience than ever.

It has a wider range of connectivity, as it has an HDMI port that allows you to connect it to laptop, PC, or gaming consoles etc. You can even connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to interact with its built-in Android firmware easily. Now you can directly connect your USB hard drive to Ivishow c800’s built-in USB port to access your personal data on the go.

You get a huge backup for up to 3 hours from its powerful battery of 4200mAh, and hence you can enjoy your content for hours without connecting it to power source.

So what are you waiting for? Grab it and enjoy your favorite content on a larger screen with a crisp and clear detail you have ever experienced.

2- Hanbaili HD Portable Mini Projector

Hanbaili HD Portable Mini Projector

Hanbaili Portable Mini Projector is one of the most budget-oriented projector in the market. Then let’s see! Why it is also one of the best projector? Don’t think that its low price would have an impact on features and quality. You are getting amazing features like more connectivity options, sharp picture quality and much more.

It’s perfectly crafted unique and lightweight design, inspires me a lot. Hence it’s perfect for living room and bedroom to experience an ultimate theatre effect. It has a lens of Keystone ±15° which has a more precise focus on video content and hence you get a tremendous picture quality and sharpness from Hanbaili Portable Mini Projector.

Its projection size varies from 20 to 80 inches which is quite a nice figure. Hanbaili Portable projector supports a Full HD resolution (1080p), and hence emits a brighter picture than ever with its lens of brightness varying from 400 to 600 lumens. You can also adjust the focus on the screen with an integrated adjuster along the lens.

It has an amazing user interface that is very easy to use and it is a best choice for kids to use for education purposes. It has a built-in 2W speaker of 8 Euro technology that produces a crystal and clear sound and ultimately you don’t need to take big speakers along with you for enjoying your movies and other stuff on the move. Finally you are getting an amazing home theatre experience.

Hanbaili Portable Mini Projector comes with a wide range of connectivity options. You can easily connect your projector to MP3 players, smartphones, laptops, DVD, DV camcorders etc. You can also connect your USB hard drives to its built-in USB port to access your saved files directly from projector’s built-in software.

Hanbaili has tested its portable projector to a great extent. Its projection lens emits an LED light which can work for more than thirty thousand hours (30,000 hours). Isn’t that amazing guys?

I think it’s a best option for you, if you have no need of a built-in Android system. Its tremendous features along with more options for connectivity and its sharper display inspires me a lot; hence making it a most budgeted projector in the market acquiring all latest features.

3- Salange HD Pico Projector

Salange HD Pico Projector is an amazing option to choose from. Its smallest and professional design allows everyone to use it. It has a built-in Android software and has a great picture quality with a latest DLP image processor. For the first time ever you can watch a 3D content on a pico-sized projector.

Salange HD Pico projector has an upgraded light source with a newest LTPS process and DLP image process technology that reduces the light dullness and provides you 85% brighter display than ever. This all is done with an integrated 150 ANSI Lumens High Brightness Light Lamp. This long life lamp supports for up to 30,000 hours. Isn’t that cool!

For the first time ever you are getting a larger screen display of up to 200 inches. What? Is this for real? Yes my friends you perceived it right, 200 inches of screen. Oh My God! Alongside you get an extremely sharp picture quality with a complete support of Full HD (1080p) and 4K resolution. It has a 3D Function that completely supports Red/blue, red/green combination to enjoy an immersive experience of 3D content. It has a very high contrast ratio of 2000:1 that ensures a clear picture quality you have ever experienced. It has ±45 Auto Keystone Correction that allows you to correct distorted images and manually adjust the focus of lens.

It has a powerful Amlogic S912 Octa-Core 64-bit CPU processor and ARM Cortex-A53 powerful GPU with 2 GB of RAM that enables you to enjoy all the Android apps and games on a bigger screen of 200 inches, anywhere anytime. It also comes with an internal storage of 16 GB on which you can save your video contents easily.

Now you can easily connect your devices to Hanbaili Pico Projector as it has a built in Wi-Fi. You can mirror images and videos directly through smartphone or tablet to Hanbaili Pico Projector and enjoy your content in true 4k resolution. For the first time ever in a Pico projector, you can also stream your content over Miracast or Airplay without requiring any cable connection.

It comes with a lot of built-in ports like HDMI port, USB port, SD Card port, VGA port and 3.5mm audio jack making a wider option for connectivity. It also has a built-in 3W speaker for a Hi-Fi stereo sound. It has a powerful battery of 8000mAh that provides you a huge backup for up to 2.5 hours to 4 hours, so now you don’t need to carry huge power bricks along with you.

If you want all in one handy projector, then Hanbaili Pico Projector is the best option for you. So what are you waiting for? Just Go and Grab it!

4- GooDee LED Pico Projector

GooDee LED Pico Projector

GooDee LED Pico Projector is a best choice for money. For the first time ever, GooDee has launched its ultra mini sized projector so that you can take it anywhere to play whatever you like! Its unique and stylish designs inspires everyone a lot.

The GooDee Pico Projector comes with a latest bridgelux LED light technology that emits a specially balanced light to protect your eyes and health. It offers you a projection display size of 20 to 60 inches with 0.8M 2.0M projection distance giving you a clear frame which is great for a living room. An extended lamp life lasts up to 30,000 hours (which can last up to 20 years (4 hours a day)), makes sure that you are purchasing a good quality product.

GooDee Pico projector operates at lower noise level, which is good for library use. It has an easy and rich user-interface that enable you, even the kids, to use it without getting into trouble. Just plug in and play your favorite content on large screen size of 60 inches as GooDee Mini movie projector is very easy to use. Its built-in powerful speaker can deliver a crisp and clear sound which will help you in your daily tasks like playing games and watch movies etc. This inspire children’s interest a lot!

GooDee LED Pico Projector is equipped with HDMI port, USB port, Micro SD card port, audio and AV interface ports. For the first time ever, a Pico Projector supports Amazon Fire TV stick and you can also connect your smartphone via USB port.

Last but not the least, GooDee Pico projector has the ability to be powered by a power bank via USB port, which makes it more feasible for traveling, camping, and hiking. You can also power it through a portable charger of 5V/2A.

Now you are absolutely risk free, as GooDee provides a 2 month of refundable and 18 months of service warranty to their honorable customers for their satisfaction of quality product.

As GooDee Pico projector is easy to carry along with you anywhere you want to and Yes! You are getting an amazing picture quality as well. Ultimately it is a best gift for your family & friends.

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